Hot Desks in Hastings

$29 per day!

CitySpace has the cheapest and best hot desks in Hastings.

Grab a hot desk at City Space in Hastings!

$29 + gst will get you all the amenities, and hang out with like-minded people. Or $99 per month for one day per week. Easy access from Havelock North and Napier. Call Scott on 022 394 0346, or email

Looking for an economical, collaborative work solution that is available at a daily rate?

CitySpace’s central location and affordable, flexible membership options make hot desking a work solution you will want to consider! Call us today to find out more details about the best hot desk options available in Hastings.


Grab a Desk Today.

Grab a hot desk at City Space. $29 per day. Call Scott on 022 394 0346

Get a hot desk and have access to our meeting rooms.

Whether you need to rent a private boardroom for an hour, a day or more, City Space can provide the solution!

Who Uses Coworking Spaces and Hot Desks?

  • A shared office space, usually also consists of short term desk rentals is the best solution for many different professionals, including:
  • freelancers and professionals who feel isolated when working from home, or want to separate their work life from their home life. Even one day of work from another location off is enough. At CitySpace we have a 1 day per week option for $99 per week
  • travelers who require a work location while working away from home
  • visitors or holiday makers to Hawkes Bay looking to do the odd day of work
  • workers who are accustomed to conventional office space, looking for a space that inspires their work;
  • small organisations looking for a cost-effective, flexible office solution for their workers;
  • corporations looking for additional short-term space for teams working on projects, and
  • entrepreneurs looking for a space that can grow with their business’ needs.

Cheapest casual desks in Hawkes Bay.

Join our friendly crew of coworkers for the day.

Great for Out-of-Office Employees

Sharing a workstation with others is an effective solution for companies that have staff who are not always working at the same time. 

A Work Solution that Saves on Overhead Costs!

For a company looking to drastically reduce overhead costs, hot desking can provide the solution! In some cases, utilizing hot desking at your workplace can create cost savings of up to 30%! Besides saving on energy and resources, waste will also decrease when office facilities are shared by multiple employees


All cancelled bookings will be subject to a $50 + GST fee. Unfortunately its happening a lot, so we have no choice but to introduce this fee. Also, you pay for the time you book. For example if you book for the room for 2 hours and leave after 1.5 hours, you’re charged 2. It prevents others for using / booking the space.

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