Join our shared office space in Hastings. 3+ offices, over 20 permanent desks, meeting rooms,  and an awesome crew of professionals. CitySpace – Coworking

Think you’ve found your next shared office space?

Renting desk space in Hastings is now easy with CitySpace.

City Space Location

Building & area

City Space in the heart of downtown Hastings. Based out of a historic art deco building, it very handing to boutiques cafes, pubs, restaurants, night markets and more.

New World is only a 5 minute walk from the office. Convenient for daily shopping.
Games Room
Work it digitally and then physically.
Huge Communal Area
Chill out and mingle, network and laugh!
Bars & Cafes
Common Room pub is only a 2 minute walk away. We're surrounded by trendy cafes and lunch places.
Just ask about the free parking options, or 50c per hour. The Hastings District Council offer leased parking in Hastings. Click here . These are more expensive.
Recording Studio
Pitch perfect is what investors want.