Why is a Shared Office Space Better than Working Remotely?

by cityspace

Why is a Shared Office Space Better than Working Remotely?

When companies are considering ways to save costs with their team, offering their employees the option of working from home is sometimes considered. Although eliminating the need for office space may be cost effective for your company, working from home does not always result in the best performance from your employees. Instead, co-working spaces are a better solution when trying to reduce overhead, while maintaining efficiency and growth of the company.

Working from Home Can Be Too Comfortable

Home is the place you go to be yourself, relax and rejuvenate. For employees who do not have the utmost self-control and concentration abilities, working from home can be a little too comfortable. Distractions are plentiful – especially if there are family members around when work is trying to be done. Also, if meetings are a necessary part of an employee’s job, a home is not a professional place to meet with a potential client.

Shared Office Spaces Can Provide the Solution

Co-working spaces may be the solution for business professionals who are focused on company growth, but do not want the expense associated with renting or owning their own office space. Not only do shared office spaces provide fewer distractions than working from home, but they also allow for networking opportunities with other coworkers or like-minded professionals.

Open Communication with Fellow Team Members

Companies that require constant communication from their team reap many benefits from co-working spaces. The ability to talk face-to-face with other employees is usually the best way to accomplish company goals. If limited to working from home, it’s easy to misinterpret emails from coworkers. In addition, taking the time to read and understand the email’s message can be less efficient than an in-person conversation.

For urgent matters that need to be dealt with, it’s easier to track down your whole team in a co-working space than it would be if each employee was located in their own home. As well, communicating in-person in a co-working space is never halted by connection issues through poor internet or phone connections.

Staying Focused within Co-working Spaces

Working from home can make it difficult to remain focused on the company’s goals, because of the lack of vision and leadership present. Co-working spaces provide the opportunity to keep an entire team on track and focused on accomplishing unified goals.

See the Difference with a Shared Office Space!

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