Benefits of a Shared Office Environment

by cityspace

Sure, working for yourself affords numerous benefits like listening to your own music, working the hours that you want and taking a break whenever you feel like doing so. Sometimes, however, it may get lonely and you may start to miss having coworkers around. That’s when a shared office environment may seem like a great idea!

What is a Shared Office Environment?

Partner the flexibility of working for yourself, but in an environment surrounding by other like-minded people. Enjoy the energy and productiveness of being surrounded by fellow entrepreneurs, but in a non-restrictive environment where you can work to your own rules. In short, picture what a stereotypical 9-5 job’s work environment is and then imagine the exact opposite work atmosphere. Welcome to a shared office environment!

Shared Office Environments’ Numerous Benefits

At home in your own office, it’s easy to run into “writer’s block” or get stumped tackling a business issue on your own. Within shared office environments, a certain energy is created by a bunch of like-minded entrepreneurs who are happily working away on their own projects. Need a break to get re-focussed? Take a quick walk around the working space and feel revitalized by experiencing the working energy produced by others.

A Community Full of Energy

Within shared office environments, members are not here competing with one another for the next promotion, the biggest commission or the “employee of the month” award. No, within a shared office environment there’s a true sense of community, as members are all here to succeed on their own, individual projects…but are also here to help each other if needed.

Expert Opinions are Easy to Come By

Other than the social aspect of being surrounded by other entrepreneurs, shared office environments make it easy to collaborate with others on projects. Need an expert opinion on the look of a creative ad? Then ask the graphic designer who works two desks over. Looking for help creating a mathematical formula in your Excel spreadsheet? The computer guru across the room probably wouldn’t mind helping you out.

Plenty of Networking Opportunities

Shared office spaces are also a great way to network for future project and job opportunities. Working alongside other entrepreneurs on a regular basis creates a personal directory for you on others’ expert skills. This comes in handy when you need to contract a certain part of a project out, as you know who would be great at completing that task. Same goes for you – working in a shared office environment creates the opportunity for others to see what YOU bring to the table, and you may get more work out of that, too!

CitySpace Can Help!

If you’re interested in getting out of your home’s private office to experience the benefits of a shared office environment yourself, then look no further! For the best shared office environment in Hastings, contact CitySpace today!